I was driving along on the freeway, checking out the cars I was passing (well, I wasn't on my cell phone - so I needed some form of entertainment), when I spotted a cute new VW bug with the license plate XXXXIV. I instantly became a contestant on Bumper Stumpers, and attempted to decipher the code...

I wondered, does she mean 44 in roman numerals? But then I remembered that 40 would be XL, as the rule of roman numerals limits you from using more than 3 consecutive numerals. Then, maybe she means Triple X 14. I have become addicted to the show To Catch a Predator, so you can imagine the first thought that popped into my head. I almost called Chris Hansen, from Dateline NBC (come on, have you ever heard him say his name without the "Dateline NBC" part following it?) to have him check out the driver of this car. Since I couldn't figure it out in the 4.7 seconds it took me to get up next to the car, I thought I would take a glimpse of the driver, and perhaps that would yield the clue I needed to solve the riddle.

Strangely enough, it was a 50-something year old woman with a beehive hairdo. This completely threw me off... she was too young to have a beehive hairdo as the original style. Did she pick it up after the rage faded? Is she trying to "bring it back"? Why would someone have such big hair and a small car?

I never did figure out what she was trying to say on that elusive bumper stumper. What baffles me most of all is that this woman spent extra money on a custom license plate, and it just isn't clear what it means! I think she should ask for her money back (or perhaps think of a more obvious license plate).


Suzanne said...

I must admit all my Roman Numeral knowledge comes from playing Risk. Maybe she stockpiled 40 armies, and then added 4 more before the battle. I guess that doesn't have anything to do with a car, though.

Tahoe said...

My guess is a Super Bowl reference. That is the only time I consider what Roman Numerals may mean. In fact, that's the only time anyone uses Roman Numerals these days. Although, if she had a beehive hair doo . . . that could explain the roman numerals, maybe she's so old she still USES Roman Numerals?