ice capades

Ice cubes on the floor. Again. Why is it that every time I attempt to pull ice cubes out of the ice cube box I drop one on the floor? EVERY TIME.

I reach in and grab the first handful - success! They all made it into the glass safely. Confidence inspires me to reach in and grab another handful... I will foil those ice cubes this time... extracting my frozen loot, I bring them towards the glass. As soon as my wrist crosses the freezer threshold, the bunch gets rowdy, shape shifting in my hand, and one rogue cube slips away to the floor.

Disappointment always follows. Well, sometimes disappointment, sometimes pissedoffedness. The thing is, I REALLY think that every time I tempt fate with the cubes, I will win. It is mind boggling how such a simple task can best me time and time again.

It does not seem to matter if I am retrieving one cube, or a gaggle of cubes, there is always a casualty on the floor. Sometimes they taunt me by splitting as they hit the ground, forcing me to search for an unknown amount of cube shards. Sometimes they hit the bottom of the cabinets, ricocheting and ending up in a distant land (read: living room). Sometimes I pretend I don't hear them, and let nature take its course... melting and evaporating. Hoping that no one slips on their remains in the meantime.


Tahoe said...

A gaggle of ice cubes? hee hee

Alisa Hamilton said...

Have you considered an ice scoop?