mixed message

No less than 7 people at work made this comment to me: "You look nice today."

I said thank you to the first three, and was feeling good about myself. My outfit was pretty nice... it even would have met the sister's approval, as it was attacked by the long-lost iron. I did put it on all wrinkly at first, but decided that while I don't believe in ironing my t-shirts like little sis, I could spare 5 minutes of my morning, and iron nice clothes... and who knows? I might not have gotten all the so-called compliments if I hadn't ironed.

By the fourth comment, I started wondering, "Do I look like shit the rest of the time?" After the sixth comment, I started to get self-conscious.

Don't worry, I'll wear jeans tomorrow (unironed, of course) and be back to my normal, apparently crappy-looking self.


Suzanne said...

Don't you love back handed compliments?

I prefer the straightforward comment "You look tired!" Thanks. I know. So buy me a cup of coffee already!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I forgot. I got out the ironing board the other day, and Abigail asked "What is that?" I guess she has never seen me iron in her 4 1/2 years. To my credit, if I MUST iron, I do it when she is asleep so I don't worry about her grabbing the iron cord.

Tahoe said...

An iron? What's that? I know what an ironing board it though, that's the thing that Jack takes naps on during the day.