end of summer?

I just realized that today is the last day of August. And this is Labor Day weekend - thus marking the end of summer. Where did you go, sweet summer? I feel like you were hardly in my life at all this year. I have discovered that summers as an adult do not hold the same magical quality they did as a child.

Summer conjures up memories of playing outside, riding bikes around the neighborhood, swimming, chasing the ice cream truck, and having watermelon-seed-spitting contests. This summer, I fell short of those activities: I went outside if necessary (much cooler inside my house in the air conditioning), my bike hasn't left the garage once, I did do some swimming (though most would call it 'sitting') in a kiddie pool in my backyard, why bother chasing an ice cream truck when it is so easily accessible in the freezer (and does not come in the shape of a frog, as lil bro used to order from the ice cream truck), and I have yet to locate a watermelon with seeds - I think they genetically engineered them to extinction!

As a last hurrah (and belated welcome?) for summer, I will be in Tahoe attending the 3rd annual camping extravaganza with friends. Flashlight tag is on the docket for our monthly 'game night' activity, which probably will turn into Liars Dice or Poker at the picnic table, but perhaps simply the thought of a silly kid's game will revive the spirit of summer.

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