party planning addiction

The husband (Scout) is away this weekend at a bachelor party.

Earlier this week, I was asking him where it was (he said he could tell me but he would have to kill me - in reality, he had no idea), how much it cost, who was going, etc. After the third time I asked, he gave me the stank eye and said "really, you know me - do you think i know any of these details?" Of course he wouldn't. In fact, when I said something on Thursday morning (after he found out the cost) about how I thought that was a pretty good price for 2 nights at a house in Tahoe, he looked surprised and blurted, "TWO nights?"

I happen to be friends with RunnerGirl, wife of RonR, who is in charge of organizing (by default). Here is a recap of my IM conversation with her on Thursday prior to the bach party:

RunnerGirl: RonR just said, everyone bring up a 12 pack or whatever you want to drink and they'll have to figure out food up there
me: maybe i will send some food w/ Scout
me: costco chips, muffins, etc.

me: i am def going to send food w/ Scout even though he will roll his eyes at me like a 5yr old
RunnerGirl: they should just bbq that's what i told RonR, there will be time to go to the store and buy crap
me: yeah. is there a bbq there?
RunnerGirl: i think so
me: and is anyone going to be there fri for dinner... ahhhh... stop! i am not planning... i just cant help it.

RunnerGirl: ha! yeah let them screw up i mean figure it out on their own.

blah, blah, other stuff…

me: so, i just asked Scout if he wanted anything in particular at costco, and his response was beer and vodka. sigh.....

RunnerGirl: ha! RonR has a 12 pack, first and only thing he's packed.
me: nice. do you know what kind?
RunnerGirl: of beer?
me: yes **thinking: i'll make sure i get a different kind, for variety
me: ahhhhhhh......... i cant stop planning! make it stop.
RunnerGirl: stop planning
me: i am making a costco list in red pen right now...
RunnerGirl: STOP! it's not your party
me: i know... hmph...


Tahoe said...

Love it love it! Runnergirl approves. By the way, the muffins were a hit AND RonR came home with more beer and chips then I have seen in the grocery store! I do not think they consumed any real food while in Tahoe.

Charlie said...