rock on

Whooooaaaa-ooooaaaa... we're halfway theeee-eere... that's right, ladies and gents (or whoever it is that reads this thing)... I am going to the Bon Jovi concert tomorrow night. I am a Jersey Girl through and through (mellowed with a heavy influence of a decade of California living), and there is nothing more Jersey than Jon Bon. Except for fake nails. And the Shore. And malls. And Bruce. But tomorrow, it is all about Jon. He's so dreamy. And he totally has nicer hair than I ever will. And have I mentioned that I love him?

TrailMomma (formerly known around these parts as RunnerGirl) and I have been waiting to rock out to Jon forEVER. At least, we have been waiting to rock out to Bon Jovi in person - we are very serious about our dedication at weddings (whilst my husband takes cover behind a plant in the corner and pretends he has never met me), perhaps requesting Livin on a Prayer from an unsuspecting DJ; and any other time their music fills the air (say, every time her phone rings). I am so excited! Yes, there are other girls going, too. And I love them, too, even if they aren't from Jersey. Nobody's perfect.

But I am also a little bit sad that tomorrow night, I will miss bedtime. When I get home and peek in on my LilDude, he'll probably look like this:

Suzi - this pic is for you... I know you just can't resist a sleeping baby for the perfect chance to snap the camera.


trailmomma said...

Tommy used to work on the dock.
Union's been on strike.
He's down on his luck.
It's tough.
So tough.

Wait what? Not now?

Trying to gear up for tomorrow!

BTW: I so cannot relate to that picture. The Peanut will be up rocking to Jon Bon when I get home I am sure. :-)

Suzanne said...

I DO love sleeping babies! Especially ones who look like they are saying "Take my hand, and we'll make it, I swear!"

Alisa Hamilton said...

How was it?!?!?! We need pics and details from the Jon Bon experience. Oh you must still be recovering from his awesomeness.