now what?

What do I do now? Do I write random posts about things I notice each day that make me smile or cry or want to throw something? Do I go on and on about how wonderful the LilDude is? Do I start posting pictures (okay, I know you all want pictures) and daily activities... I'm trying to figure out how this blog fits into my life at this very moment... I sure do wish the Magic 8 Ball would come up with some new answers, 'cause the generic answers that worked in earlier years of my life just aren't cutting it these days. Answers in essay form would be most helpful right now.


Suzanne said...

I'll just say that I was SO excited when your blog popped up in my google reader that I will be excited for anything and everything you post! Is that generic and unhelpful enough? :) I guess my magic 8 ball for you would say start with pictures and then add any tidbits that come along, and go from there.

- Joanne O. said...

Stories and pics! Stories and pics! But, of course, we love your general everyday stories too.

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