5 months of fun

Lil Dude is five months old today. He has many skills for his resume: You need someone to roll over? You need someone to giggle hysterically when you make ridiculous faces? You need someone to nap at noon? He's your guy!

One of the jobs I hired him for is my grocery shopping partner. Don't call the child labor union, he is generously compensated for his work with milk whenever it strikes his fancy. He is so portable (see picture), and just smiles at everyone we pass. The lady at the deli counter loves him, and it is a good minute or two before I even place my order after she is done oohing and aahing over him. But how can I complain? She is smiling when she looks at him, he smiles at her, and I am beaming the whole time... win-win-win.

Since he can't walk, I carry him in the Baby Bjorn (aka, frontpack). I can tell when he is excited by a swift blow to my left lung, appendix, or muffin top - he looks like a little marionette driven by someone who just stuck their finger in an outlet, still pulsating from the stun. Since his wing span is still fairly small, and he has no idea what cookies are, he is a cheap date. I'll have to reevaluate him as my shopping partner once he starts asking for things, or dropping miscellaneous items into the cart.

*pic taken from my phone (in the frozen pizza aisle) on our Valentine's morning date - I'm still testing the best way to post pics here


trailmomma said...

Super cute and wow 2 posts in 2 days! You're on a roll. :-)

Yeaah, you just wait for the mysterious things that get dropped into the cart routine . . . mine is attracted to various forms of cheese. Go figure. Definitely your god child! :-)

- Joanne O. said...

Doesn't it take so much longer to go to the store now with all the oohing and aahing? It's worth it though. Glad you are back to the blog. We've missed it!