daily routine

After a wonderful 4 and a half months home with the Lil Dude, I am now back at work. The best part of the day is when I pick up his smiling face and take him home (with second place awarded to the moment before I drift off to sleep). After we get home, this is what we do:

We have wonderful trails in our neighborhood (one of the reasons we moved to our current house), and with the extended daylight hours, walks have become part of our new weekday evening routine. It was pretty easy to take the dog for a walk when I was home... mid-afternoon, perfectly timed to pass the elementary school so the dog can get lots of love and attention from the ogling kids - most of whom are shorter than my giant four legged puppy. But it has been difficult to make time for everyone (including me) with the new "working mom" lifestyle. I have been trying to get back into running jogging, and in the name of efficiency (walk the dog, get in run, nap for the kiddo), this is my running jogging group. I can only imagine what people think as they see us barrelling (at the speed of molasses) down the trail - what a sight! The dude doesn't (currently) mind riding in his personal limo - sometimes he naps, sometimes he laughs at the dog, sometimes he just babbles on and on. A good time is had by all.

**Crush: 13 months, 135+ lbs; Lil Dude: 5 months, 18+ lbs


Alisa Hamilton said...

If only I could convince myself that jogging wuld be good for everyone. I'm very impressed with your dedication.

cathyjoe said...

Crush is definitely a small pony -- I can't believe how big (s)he is! Max is do darn cute! We had a trail right next to our old condo, which we miss very much, so enjoy those walks and the fresh air! It does wonders for working moms!

marla said...

Lucas calls Crush, "a Sesame Street Dog". Owen just points and says, "woof woof". Such a cute picture!