lessons learned

What we have learned from our puppy that we can bring forward into parenthood:

  • Remember to feed the kid twice a day.
  • If our child drools a lot, we will keep his/her water outside, and wipe his/her mouth before entering the house after drinking water.
  • Always keep the child on a leash when outside the house, else he/she might run away.
  • If our child starts chewing on things we don't want him/her to chew on (shoes, furniture, every single basket full of magazines/yarn/etc. around the house that my husband has been complaining about for the past 5 years - seriously, there has GOT to be a conspiracy there somewhere), we should give him/her a toy to chew on instead of the forbidden item.
  • Take him/her outside every few hours so he/she doesn't pee on the floor.
  • Be firm about sleeping in the crate - don't let the baby sleep just anywhere in the house.
Yep, I think we are TOTALLY prepared for this parenthood position now. Good thing we got that dog...


Jon said...

Don't forget, you can never hug them too much!

Alisa Hamilton said...

Once you have to start disciplining the baby, you'll realize that dogs and babies have a lot more in common.