growth spurt

By the eighth grade, I had already completed my growth spurt, reaching peak elevation at 5'8". Which, I now appreciate - I can reach the top cabinets in my kitchen, don't have to hem my pants, and all sorts of other perks (none of which I can think of at this moment, but I know they exist). But in junior high, 5'8" was ridiculous - I towered over all the boys, and my poofy Jersey Girl bangs only accentuated my height. Fortunately, pegging your pants was in, so I didn't have to worry about my pants being too short - good thing, cause that was well before the Gap made pants in ankle/regular/long versions.

It has been many moons (and perhaps even a score ago, but a lady cannot admit her true age) since I have experienced a growth spurt, but here it goes again... and this time, I am not growing UP, but rather, growing OUT. Yes, it's true - I am currently baking a little Scout in the oven. We are not sure if it is a girl scout or a boy scout yet, but we will be asking the kind people with the cold lotion, metal prodder and mysterious black and white screen if they recommend blue or pink. See justification

My official due date (per Google search) is September 7, 2009 - yes, Labor Day. I am sure since I would so appreciate the irony of that, this child will not arrive on that day. In case that doesn't work out, I will be issuing an eviction notice on 9/9/09 - cause how cool would that be?!?! But rumor has it that the spawn don't listen, even though everyone says they can hear you in there! So, I say to my child: arrive whenever you want - we can't wait to meet you!


marla said...

Welcome back to blogging and welcome to the crazy adventure of motherhood! (or at least pregnancy hood right now)

My one bit of advice for you: don't listen to people's advice!

And of course, if you ever need any advice... ask Suzi! (but I'm here for ya too!)

Suzanne said...

I am SO excited for you guys! And almost equally excited that you are blogging again. Well, almost... :)