they say selection is RANDOM

If jury selection is truly RANDOM, then how come Scout and I have both received summons for jury duty two weeks apart? Reeeaaaally... random? I would like to present a case that they scroll through the list in alphabetical order. Hmmm... except that his first name would come before mine. Buuuut... this probably isn't the most perfect process, so I'll allow it as evidence that it is possible Scout's name got caught up in a jammed printer, so he was spared for another two weeks, which would allow me to leapfrog ahead of him in potential juror line. It's plausible.

I am pretty sure if I do have to go down to the courthouse, it will only be for one day. Scout assures me that nobody wants a hormonal woman sitting on a jury. Especially once they see how many bathroom breaks I'll need! I am considering bringing a box of tissues with me in case of potential selection, since I'm pretty sure I can cry on demand these days.

No knitting needles to pass my time (deadly weapons - you should SEE the statistics on knitting needles deaths in the U.S. - on the rise!). I'll have to pass my time with the good, old fashioned book. Which might be nice, since I have a stack about 2 feet high of books I've been "meaning to read."

Wish me luck next week... sitting in a room with 347 of my closest friends, all with last names starting with "O."


Alisa Hamilton said...

I know that I'm going to regret this comment when I come home to find a summons in my mailbox, but I have never been called for jury duty. How is it possible that you both have been called, and I have not. Less crime in GA? Highly doubtful. Dumb luck? Conspiracy against the Oshel's? Conspiracy against those with names in the last half of the alphabet? Maybe there are advantages to marrying a Hamilton after all.

javajill said...

No summons for this woman, either. Wish you luck, either way.