dog daze

Scout has been very busy with his Crush, trying to make her comfortable in her new home. She has a new crate that will grow with her (seriously, it is so big that we can't fit it in our car), and he just built her a new house. We called it a doghouse, but our neighbor said that it is so big it qualifies as its own house. I hope we don't have to pay taxes on it! But maybe we could get a discount for having an extra dependent? Seriously, she doesn't work, we have to feed her - isn't that a dependent? I'll call the IRS to see if she qualifies... don't hold your breath.

Last week, he devoted every minute to her chateau from the moment he arrived home from work until the moment precisely before he was endangering his digits operating a saw in the dark. First, he bought the blueprints on the internet (no architect was consulted, and no city permits were acquired). Next, he cruised over to Home Despair to purchase lumber, and of course - a new tool! It is an air compressor, and it nails things. Which, I believe there is another tool for... I think it is called, um, let me think... a hammer! Yes, that's it! But this air compressor (cough, hammer) can dispense 347 nails per millisecond! Or something like that. Really, this project was his perfect excuse to buy the air compressor that he has been drooling over for years. And I will help him reduce his cost per project by allowing him to also use it to put up the crown molding I've been wanting for years. See? Marriage is about compromise. He buys tool, I let him do project for me. Win-win. So, after he had all his materials (and some extra tools borrowed from the neighbor), he started building.

It was so big, he built it in parts, and assembled in the final location. Else, it would not have fit through the gate to the backyard, nor would he have been able to carry it. Seriously, this thing is like 3 coffins big. So, after it was assembled, painted and placed, he tried to get the dog in it... which is where he ran into a problem. He built it so it would fit her when she is full sized. Since she is only about 1/4 size right now, she couldn't get into the doorway. She would wave her paw in the air (like you just don't ca-are) grasping for the doorway, but she was just too little. (Too little - ha - not for long!) I felt so bad for Scout - after all his hard work, and she just couldn't use it. Never fear, though, he crafted a step for her out of the half ton of scrap wood leftover in our garage. Tah-dah! Now his princess has a castle of her own...

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