the gift you hope you never give

Your regularly scheduled random ranting has been interrupted for a public service announcement. In this holiday season of gift-giving, consider the following…

Did you ever buy a gift for someone, and like it so much you want to keep it for yourself? Once you have it in your hands, you feel like you can’t live without that (insert option: new CD/video game/beautiful cashmere sweater).

Kind of like that, except that you truly can’t live without this gift. It is not to be wrapped in shiny paper or labeled with a card. A secret delivery, but you will not be present for the exchange. You will not see the smile on the recipient’s face, or know how it has changed their life.

Be an organ donor. Check the box on your DMV form – the tiny dot next to your smiling face may someday leave a legacy beyond your own – of many more smiles from the recipients of the greatest gift of all… LIFE.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


marla said...

Well said... one of my co-workers 16 month old daughter was literally on death's door, the only thing to save her was a lung transplant. THEN this past Sunday she got that Christmas miracle gift and she is doing so much better... it's truly the best gift that can ever be given!

Ginny said...

Yes, recycle yourself and save a life! Make sure your family knows your wishes. And be sure to sign up through your State's donor program. Then little check on your driver's license does not give them permission to take your organs, only indicates your preference.
Hope everyone had a fun Christmas!