cough, cough

You know the cat commercials.... meowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow.... I feel like I am in a commercial, but to the tune of coughs instead of meowing cats. I swear all I hear in my office is people hacking. I can practically see the germs taking flight into the air, landing on resident candy bowls and doorknobs. I have not authorized their entry into my airspace, but there they are - minuscule microbes floating into my oxygen, and contaminating my very source of life.

Now, I am not a germophobe (but I might be turning into one as we speak), but it is just GROSS. What is wrong with people? Do these people think they are so important that they HAVE to come to work? We aren't busy. In fact, most of the chairs are empty, with people extending their holiday break. Stay home with your germy self. If there ever is a pandemic outbreak, these people will be the ones to spread it!

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