the storm is coming!

Paul Revere impressionists have been running around my office, "the storm is coming, the storm is coming!" To prepare for "The Big Storm," be sure to get your emergency kit and 3 days worth of food! Go to Costco, get a generator, buy chips and salsa, make sure your XM radio can run off batteries, get a flashlight and some sandbags! Be prepared to live for 3 days without electricity! Now, how am I supposed to cook for 3 days w/out electricity? I can barely cook WITH electricity. Maybe Scout can figure out how to hook up our microwave to the gas line. Oh, we could BBQ! Perfect! Or, we'll just go out to eat. Those places must have generators. Also, one of my friends has a truck that has an actual outlet in it. You know, the kind you use to plug in your blender so you can make margaritas while you are camping? We could call him (on our cell phones, of course, charged from our cars) and cook in the back of his truck. While we are at it, might as well bring our big screen TV and satellite dish. Who needs a generator? We'll be fine.

I overheard a coworker say that she is going to bring her lunch tomorrow in case we lose power at work (seriously, I couldn't make this up). Um, if we lose power, wouldn't you just go home?

Big storm... batten the hatches... run for cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ginny said...

bottled water, don't forget the bottled water!!

Suzanne said...

Chips and salsa? Ha! Might I recommend Jack's salsa from Costco? SO tasty.

Alisa Hamilton said...

It's just like when they predict snow in the south. Quick go buy out all the milk and bread!!!