simple pleasures

Many of the simple pleasures of childhood fade with time. No longer does running in circles entertain me, roller coasters give me a headache, and pixie sticks make me worry about my next dental bill. One thing, however, has stood the test of time, bringing me joy beyond reasonable expectation: sign making.
I remember making signs to take to Yankee stadium when I could still count my age on my fingers. I can vividly picture sitting with my sister, working on our masterpieces. We each had rolls of narrow butcher paper - hers purple, mine orange. We made a lengthy purple sign that said "We love Dave Winfield." I don't remember where our seats were, but since we usually went to day games during the week, we relocated to some empty seats near right field - yelling, screaming and jumping up and down to get his attention. Taking a brief break from his job (hopefully between batters), he looked up from the field and waved to us! Which led to uncontainable excitement - picture us jumping around and screaming like... well, like little girls.
Arts and crafts still occurs in my house before attending events. Whether it is a professional baseball game, a marathon that a friend is running, or college graduation, I bust out the posterboard, paints and markers. Posterboard is always on hand - you never know when you might need to make a sign! Have to be prepared. Scout's motto.

Here are a few of my favorites:

at a Rangers/Giants game in SF
(we were not cheering for the home team)
at little bro's graduation
(have to give my sis credit - she made these signs)
It was great - when they called little bro's name, we each had a letter, and jumped up - Gramps had the second "D", though, so he was "Tod" for a little bit until Gramps made it up to full sign holding position.

at the California International Marathon
(the "peanut" is pam's baby, who ran with her - inside her belly)
(note how I coordinated my outfit with my sign!)


javajill said...

I, too, am a fan of the signs. Particularly for Mariner baseball games. Home or away. Comes in handy at work sometimes, too. :)

Tahoe said...

She is the sign maker of all signs! The best! The Pam and the Peanut sign were the highlight of the marathon, both for Pam, the peanut and all the crazy runners passing time during 26.2 miles. THANK YOU for all your signs!!!