t-shirts and texting

I have some bad news for my ego that I have been avoiding for quite some time. I might be old now. Maybe. I'm not entirely certain, but I have seen some evidence lately pointing to that conclusion.

1. I have not been IDed in, um, I don't even know how long. Not at the grocery store (but they did yell at me for just putting the six packs in my cart after checking out - I was trying to save a plastic bag, but apparently, beers must not leave the store naked, and there are no exceptions - even if you are trying to be environmental), not at the bar, not at dinner out with my girlfriends. I swear I heard one of those "We ID anyone that looks under 30" signs laugh at me last week.

2. When cleaning out my trunk of "things I somehow cannot bear to part with for no good reason" this weekend, I found a bunch of old t-shirts. I was showing them off to Scout (who was not entertained at all by my antics), and I pulled out a Rutgers rugby t-shirt... from 1993. I have a t-shirt that is 14 years old?

3. My dad challenged my bio line of "newly 30". He said it no longer applied, as I am closer to 31 than 30. Wait a second... my DAD is making fun of my age? By the nature of our relationship, he is clearly older than I am! How can he make fun of me? Hmph.

4. Professional athletes suddenly look young. College athletes look ridiculously young. When did that happen? Whilst I was munching on chips and cracking open a beer on my couch?

5. I stopped the other day to look at new cell phones. I picked up each shiny new device and examined it. After looking at half the phones in the store, I found myself asking the salesgirl (and I do mean girl - I think her parents had to drop her off at work, 'cause there is no way she is old enough to drive) if there were any simpler phones. You know, phones without all the fancy features - I don't need to play music or send video or email with a miniature keyboard. Apparently my technology aged out at text messaging.

Okay, off to bed for me... it's getting late! I guess that should have been number six on the list...

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- J.L.O. said...

Oh, I remember the days when you would think that a particular college athlete or pro athlete was hot. Now, if we were to say that, we would be arrested. I know what you mean, when did they become so young. . . weren't we just one of them? I'm not 30. . . pushing 33 (UGH!!! I'll be 1/3 of a century years old) in a week, but I now realize that one of those young athletes could be my son or daughter. . . forbid I would have had one at 16. Wow, I could have a kid in college instead of a 16 month old. Now, that makes me feel old. At least having a 16 month old makes me feel younger than if I had a 16 year old.