culture... of the pop variety

As mentioned previously, I am from Jersey. Undisputed fact when you get me fired up, or on the phone with one of my immediate family members. RunnerGirl is also from Jersey (how we met is another story for another day) and since we are from Jersey, we have instituted a rule that anything Jersey related is automatically approved in the fiscal budget (hi, honey!).

On Sunday, we went to see the musical "Jersey Boys" at our local travelling Broadway theater (rather, theatre - apparently, it is fancier with the "re" than the traditional "er"). The funniest part of the whole night was when we were in the lobby before the show, and we overheard a fellow patron say, "You know how those people in Jersey talk"... I think he meant "tawk", but I'll let it slide.

The play was awesome, even though I knew nothing about the Four Seasons. Sure, I had heard the songs, but I was not really "into" them when I was younger. RunnerGirl was practically jumping out of her seat with every new song (and I think I heard her sing along a couple times) since she had the full cassette tape collection, as it was one of the approved musical groups by her parentals when she was younger. I did not know the story behind the group (giant gasp by the entire state of Jersey - shame on me!), but I learned so much during the 2.5 hour show... in fact, I am sure that if they had presented History in the form of a musical, I would have learned much more history in high school! Really, between the History channel and musicals, they could have saved me hours of schooling!

When I came home, I was telling Scout how I loved the play, and I was going to expand my cultural exposure by going to see Phantom of the Opera in the spring... you know, a play that was a real play, not a musical! He had a moment of silence (that I have come to know as the "is she kidding?" thought process). When he realized I wasn't kidding, he said, "but you know Phantom is a musical?" I replied, "yeah, but it's not a musical musical".

Clearly, he does not understand that musicals consist of pop culture music. Musicals have songs that are/were on the radio... songs that people sing in the shower. Songs that I can sing along with in my seat on the tippy-top row of the theaTRE. Which means that Phantom qualifies as real culture, not the culture that I am so masterfully versed in... the POP variety. Duh.


Alisa Hamilton said...

Didn't I make you see Les Mis during college? Or was that another roommate? I'm proud that you are becoming so cultured, and you better keep these blogs coming because they certainly make me smile during my boring workday.

Tahoe said...

"Sheeeerrrrrry, Sherry baby, Sherrrrrrry, Sherry baby!" LOVE IT!!

I have some Phantom songs for you if you're so inclined and no, it's not Opera but I'll let your interpretation of musical stand because you are now my TheatRE buddy.

Also, in my history class we watched the musical 1776, didn't you? I think you're theory doesn't work on me because I don't remember much from that musical/movie.


Suzanne said...

I thought your 'pop' culture was going to be whether or not you say "Pop" or "Soda" or "Coke" or "Cold Drink." We are about the only "pop" people in Idaho.