I was willing the start of fall with my outfit today. Unfortunately, autumn was on to my silly ploy, and the only outcome was me sweating in my September outfit because it was 95 degrees outside.

Although the weather was uncooperative, fall did respond with the start of football season. Now, I am not a team fan, nor is Scout. But I do love watching football. Not the dedicated sit-on-the-couch, cheer and watch every game of the season type of watching football, but I do love the game. In fact, I like watching all sporting events. I am unbiased, as demonstrated by one of my favorite sport shows, Ninja Warrior. I digress... the start of football, but not fall...

Football brings back fond memories over many different eras of my life. (Am I old enough to have eras of my life?) Junior high games at Ungermann field (under the lights - so very grown up)... the Warriors vs the Red Devils... followed by a trip to Dairy Queen. High school football games... getting all dressed up in my corduroys, plaid shirt and wool sweater... and maybe my barn jacket if it was really cold out.... standing in the upper left section of the stands cheering for our not-so-great team. College games - okay, I need to clarify this... I only went to about 3 games in my entire college career. In fact, the only reason I knew we even had games was because I had a penchant for dating the football players. But we did have some great tailgating!

Fantasy teams, friday night lights, body painting, first and ten, player of the game, and only two nights of the week without games... now that football has started, maybe the weather will catch on?

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Alisa Hamilton said...

Great minds think alike...I'm a huge Ninja Warrior fan. Luke and I tape all the episodes and watch them back to back. I really like the men's version and can't wait until we get some new episodes.

On a separate note, do you sometimes feel that we got a little ripped off by going to Richmond. All of my friends are Georgia, Georgia Tech, or Tennessee fans because they went there. I don't really have any strong allegiance to a team. I'll just suffer with my NFL addiction and my 2 Fantasy teams once again.