tour de france & tivo

okay, i admit it, i am a tour de france junkie. hubby and i got addicted somewhere in the middle of lance armstrong’s reign as champion. i cannot even fathom how many hours we have spent watching guys ride bikes on tv. good thing we can exercise by osmosis. i love listening to paul and phil announce on versus (i really liked the name OLN better, but i guess they don’t care about me) – after watching for years, i am still learning nuances to the race – and the sport.

versus televises the tour live every morning from 6a-9a (in my time zone). i used to wake up every day before work and watch it (not the entire thing – i took a break for a few minutes to shower). the problem was that it would end at 9a. yes, i have a job. so, for three quarters of the month of july, i would roll into work sometime after 9 (no, i didn’t get fired). and if the race didn’t finish at 9, i would have to go to work, wait the whole day (if i had enough self restraint not to look up the results online), and then watch the ending during the 6p delayed viewing.

but, now, i can watch it whenever i want! i have loved tivo from the beginning. in fact, it was my christmas present from hubby 3 years ago. since then, we traded in our little tv for this monster:
it is humongous. i had to apologize to all my girlfriends and warn them before they brought their husband's over to our house. when they delivered it, i told hubby it was too big, but he looked at me like i was crazy, and said, "there is no such thing as a tv being too big."

as a sidenote, directv changed our tivo to dvr, but i am still calling it tivo. 1) it is easier to say; 2) i think they should get name recognition and credit for naming this wonderful invention.
we love riding the alps from the safety of our own couch. with the tour entering the mountains this weekend, we had a busy saturday and sunday - the entire stage was televised... it was a bit daunting when we opened the show, and our little timer at the bottom said 5:30... yes, for 5 hours and 30 minutes. but we battled through, knowing that we had a rest day on monday. we needed it!

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Tahoe said...

What we all really want to know is whether or not you guys sit there wearing yellow jerseys? If the answer is "yes" I might have to direct you both to counseling. :-)