cat dreams

I have vivid dreams – always have – and I often remember them. Last night, I had a dream that I was driving to (Tahoe?) to go camping, and it started snowing. I was unprepared for the sudden blizzard, and started spinning out (which actually has happened to me before – ending with a crash into a hill on the side of the road). I knew not to hit the brakes, which could make me spin more, and I was now in a parking lot (appeared to the left of the road), so I just let it spin until I crashed into the building. They didn’t mind, and let me stay at their inn for the night. As we were unpacking the car (which was fine – not damaged at all from the crash), hubby asked me if I had my long underwear. I started freaking out that I didn’t have them, because I didn’t pack any skiing clothes, as it is the middle of summer. So, we got inside the building… which was much larger inside than it appeared on the outside. Similar to the way the wizards use magic to make their buildings larger on the inside in the Harry Potter books. We went to our room, and I decided I wanted to take a bath (which, by the way, I NEVER do in real life in hotel rooms). It was snowing outside, so maybe I wanted to warm up? I started the water to fill the tub, and when I went back to check it, it was on the brink of overflowing… which I am famous for doing in real life… I just forget about it, and always remember right before it starts pouring out onto the floor. Back to the dream… when I went back to check the water, I found all these kittens in the water… some drowning, some on the brink of drowning. I approached the water, and tried to get them out, and then I was attacked by the mom cat… Who was watching the water, but apparently not trying to save them? Not able to save them? Either way, I was getting bit by the cat. Then I woke up. After relaying the dream to hubby, he said, “What do you think that means? Other than the fact that you don’t like cats?”

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Tahoe said...

Had to mention Harry Potter didn't you? :-)

Well, to quote a line from HP book 7, "you're as nutty as squirrel poop" . . . but we love you anyways!