TWOoth fairy

The TWOoth fairy made a visit to our house at 3am on Saturday night/Sunday morning (doing a drop-off, not a pick-up). I know she was there, cause LilDude started screaming, and he is generally a fabulous sleeper (which we thank our lucky stars for every night). So when the monitor began transmitting his screeches, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two miniature teeth on my sweet little dear. That nice TWOoth fairy must have been saving on gas, since she did a two for one by launching them both on the same night. Which meant I only had one night of interrupted sleep... I'll take it!

You can sort of barely almost but not quite see the little white specs popping through. We only tormented him for about 17 pictures before I gave up and called this one the best. Just squint, use your imagination... and try to picture them straight so I don't have to spend every other Tuesday at the orthodontist in 13 years.


marla said...

Max is adorable! Especially with his new chompers. I love two for one specials!

- Joanne O. said...

I think his blue eyes keep getting bigger and bigger. Wesley will be so proud to have a fellow member of the blue eyes boys club.

trailmomma said...

Yeah for teeth!! Be thankful the Twooth Fairy didn't drop off FOUR like she did at our house!

He's so freaking cute. I need a Max fix bad!