the end is near...

The end of my pregnancy is near... not "here"... I didn't say "here", people, so just settle down. Believe me, we will let you all know when the baby is here. :) We are at T minus plus one day, and for the record, I would like to nominate "due dates" as one of the dumbest things ever. The only thing it has been good for is acting as a date by which I could start my "pregnancy leave" from work. Other than that, fake deadlines that really have no bearing on actual delivery dates are just dumb. But whatever, I am "one day overdue" on the imaginary deadline. Which he missed - I don't know if we had a miscommunication, or he just wasn't ready to present, but this is definitely showing up in his performance review for this year. Ha!

Since I am almost at the end of my pregnancy, let me share a few things that I will miss about being pregnant, and a few things that I miss about NOT being pregnant... we'll go in reverse order...

Things I miss about not being pregnant, and am excited for upon said deadline...

  • BEER: seriously, I have been thinking about beer for months. No, O'Douls is not the same. Yes, I have tried.
  • seeing my feet (for 2 reasons): 1. to actually be able to see down to my feet - honestly, it is very strange tripping over things cause I can't see them. 2. that my ankles will be revealed beneath the current sausage casings surrounding them.
  • beer (I already said that, huh?)
  • not having to answer the questions: September 7th, boy, no name (yes, we have a name, but honestly, it is just easier to not have the conversation with people... plus, we aren't telling people, so why should the lady at the grocery store know the name if we aren't telling our family?)... yeah, I'll probably have to answer questions about the baby, but at least that will be a little variety (until I get tired of that after a month). ;)
  • having people comment on my weight/size all the time... or the worst: "really? you're NOT having twins? are you SURE?"
  • beer... nuff said

Things I will miss about being pregnant...

  • having a legitimate excuse to nap at 2pm
  • unlimited ice cream (which I suppose I could continue, but it will be a bit difficult without the next item)...
  • elastic pants - seriously, these things are comfy! I am so showing up at Thanksgiving with maternity pants this year.
  • the excitement and anticipation
  • having the lil dude all to myself... yes, I want him to come out, and to meet him face to face, but then I'll have to share him with the rest of the world

Until then... I'll keep twiddling my thumbs, answering phone calls and emails with the requisite: "Nope, no baby yet".


Suzanne said...

The nap excuse still holds for at least a year. (Right?)

- Joanne said...

Oh, just wait until he is born and you go somewhere. The questions will be:

1. How old is he?
2. What is his name?

Yes, you will still get the name question. I never quite understood why complete strangers want to know your baby's name. . . and, to be honest, we still get that with Wesley.

trailmomma said...

Joanne you forgot that people may sometimes just automatically refer to HIM as a GIRL . . . I wonder if that goes both ways?? mmm. :-)

I remember missing the fact that everyone opened a door for you or carried a grocery bag for you . . . aaah the good old days.

And excuse me, I believe you YELLED at me for "loving" my maternity pants!!!!!

You're lucky I am out of town on Thanksgiving!!! :-)

javajill said...

I've been thinking of you a lot over the past week, and as a person who went also went past her "due date", I can idenify with you!

In addition to having legit reasons to nap for up to a year (not saying you'll actually get them, though), if you are breastfeeding, you need to consume additional calories. Sounds like a good reason to continue with the ice cream diet.

And one of my post-pregnancy coping skills: when strangers refer to Kate as a boy, I just nod and go along with it. Even when she is wearing girly clothes, it's just easier. I can't help it if the person in an unobservant idiot!

marla said...

1. Due dates should be considered due months. dates are stupid.
2. mmmm... beer... I miss that right now too!
3. Naps are ALWAYS OK... don't ever let anyone tell you different.
4. It will be weird the first time you have to button pants again... it's been months, right?
5. When people ask the baby's name, tell them something crazy like "sun beam" just go get the reaction...
6. I'm think of you all... and can't wait to get the news that little dude is out in the new world!