ejection authorization

Lil Dude -

Since we have reached September, you are now authorized to eject any time you want. Nothing against August (your dad's bday, our wedding anniversary, auntie's bday), but I really wanted you to have a nine-something-nine birthday. You know, cause that sort of thing matters in life. Riiiiight.

If you really want to hit the jackpot, give it a few days and shoot for nine-nine-nine. Super cool - all the chicks will dig you because of your catchy birth date. All you have to do is pull that ejection cord (I know there is a cord in there with you... umbili-something they call it, but since I am not a doctor, I imagine it has something to do with parachuting out of there?) and out you'll come.

the Management

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trailmomma said...

Dear management,
The staff would like to request that lil dude not eject before 9/07/09 please. Due to the current vacation schedule the staff is unable to assist managemant in lil dude's ejection.
the staff