best day EVER

Since I am fluent in dog language, let me translate Crush's thoughts on the 5th of July after we emptied the ice from the cooler for her...

OMG! OMG! OMG! (yes, she is very into the current lingo - from all the texting she does... a bit difficult with those giant paws, but she manages) They must really love me! I mean, I THOUGHT they loved me, with all the petting, and feeding, and walking, and playing, but... now I know for SURE they love me!

Where do I start? I'll just circle it and look for the best angle... No, I can't do this standing up - I should lie down and get closer... Yes, this is much better, standing was so much effort... Look at all this ice... I'll be here forever... oh, look at that part over there... let me move around to the other side... Maybe I should stand... No, I'll lie back down... Oh, they REALLY love me!

[15 minutes later]
Ohhhhhhhhhh... I shouldn't have eaten all that ice! I'll just lie here and rest...

[2 hours later]

Hey! Where did the ice go? It was just here! I was enjoying the sun, lounging around, and those people must have taken the ice away! I'll show them... what can I chew? Oh, that shiny new hose looks good! Mmmm... this hose isn't quite as good as the ice, but it will do for now...

UH-OH! That lady is coming out... I'll just look away, and pretend I didn't have anything to do with it... Oh, no! A piece of the hose is stuck in my jowels... Think she'll notice?

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