doggie day care???

Princess Puppy is at doggie day care right now... Yes, doggie day care. I never thought I would type that, let alone live it. I am not sure which road I turned down that led me here, or which turn I missed, but here I am. With a dog. At doggie day care.

I can rationalize it in my head... we aren't actually PAYING for doggie day care today. We got one free session when we bought our training classes. Kind of like when you buy fancy Air Jordans, they come with a "free" set of laces. And we aren't sending her there on a regular basis. She is there today so that when we drop her off for overnight visits (should we have a desire to jet off to Paris one weekend), she is familiar with the place. See? It all makes sense when I explain it like that... but still!!! Doggie day care?


- Joanne said...

Keto once stayed at a Doggie Bed and Breakfast with different theme rooms. Which is worse????

Alisa Hamilton said...

If they have a webcam and you start watching him from work, then I think you've crossed the line. Granted, it's a line I crossed a long time ago, but still.