closet cleaning

Since the little dude is going to be arriving in a few months, we decided to clean out the guest closet. He'll need someplace to store all his diapers, onesies, and stuffed animals. And eventually, his rocks, bugs, frogs and other collectibles (I don't need to include worms in that list, since we already store those in the garage).

Here are the treasures we found in the closet:
  • 4 sleeping bags
  • 6 mats for camping (yes, for 2 people - you never know what thickness you are going to need)
  • 3 suitcases
  • 1 wetsuit
  • 5 blankets
  • 3 quilts (they all landed in the space saver bags, which resulted in me blowing the fuse 3 times while shrinking them down)
  • 284 baseball cards that are actually my sister's, but my mom thought they were mine, so she sent them to me. Yes, my sister wants them back, and was pissed when she found out I had them... she could make millions!
  • 5 backpacks
  • 4 duffel bags (one from my high school basketball team with my name embroidered on it... I brought it camping, and my friend actually "booed" me when I got it out of the car... yes, high school rivalry apparently lasts 15 years)
  • 1 messenger bag
  • 1 guitar (I have never heard the strings strumming in my house)
  • 1 wedding dress in a box

As we were emptying out the closet (and promptly stuffing all the crap in the OTHER guest room closet, so we can postpone actually organizing until we have the next kid), I yelled to Scout from the hallway, "Don't forget my wedding dress - on the top shelf!" He pulled it down, looked at it, and said, "Did you actually wear this? It looks so small..." (then he looked at me, my mouth agape) and continued, "...I know I can't save this comment... I love you very much." We both started laughing, and I reminded him that this was not a good time to be making remarks about size, and maybe he would like to sleep in this guest room tonight? And he says that I open my mouth without thinking...


Alisa Hamilton said...

Ok...multiple comments here:

#1 - How big is this closet??? It sounds like it's about the size of my garage with all the crap you had in there.

#2 - 284 baseball cards! Please tell me that's an estimate, and you didn't actually count them.

#3 - At least they're only baseball cards, my husband has Star Wars cards which I've never looked at but have often wondered what "facts" they put on the back of them.

#4 - Sometimes husbands are D-U-M dumb!

nro said...

#1 - just a regular sized 2 sliding doors closet... but keep in mind, you couldn't really open it without stuff falling out on you... bags were in a pile, with sleeping bags precariously perched on top of them...
#2 - yes, estimated baseball cards... should i have put a disclaimer on my post? ;)
#3 - now i have 2 friends with husbands that have star wars cards
#4 - heehee

Suzanne said...

This made me laugh and laugh! At least size comments can sort of be cute now. Not so cute if they slip out after the baby is born...