Aaaahhhh... another relaxing weekend at home. A bit out of character for me. I am one of those crazies who is usually on the go. Out for dinner with the girls, out of town for a weekend trip, game night with the gang, etc. For the last month, I have been hanging out at home on the weekends, with no plans at all. Sometimes I look at my planner (yes, a book - made of paper - I can't seem to make the digital leap to electronic planners) and wonder if I forgot to write things down, the squares for Saturday and Sunday strangely stark.

I used to think staying at home was boring, but I have managed to fill my days nicely, and leisurely. Doing laundry all at once, instead of throwing a load in before I go to bed, and having to remember to put it in the dryer before rushing out the door for work, else it will smell worse than when it started after percolating in the machine for a day and a half. Actually folding my laundry right away instead of dumping the basket on the dresser, and picking clothes out as I need to wear them. Sitting on the couch watching football all day long. Lying in bed reading a book mid afternoon, drifting off to sleep without a care in the world. (I can hear your jealousy, internets - don't be a hater.)

So, I guess I have turned into a homebody. Never thought that would happen! Not sure how long this will last - if it is just a phase - my energy waiting to be recharged, like a cell phone. Except that it takes me a bit longer than 30 minutes, and I can't seem to recharge in the car. Have to work on that one.

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