24 hours???

really? they need to be open 24 hours a day? their poor employees... yes, i know, tough economy... someone is going to say "they should be happy they have a job"... but are toys really that important that we need to shop 24 hours a day? i mean, who needs a set of legos at 3am? a light saber at midnight? don't answer that - i know you are out there, no need to call attention to yourself.

people have been holiday shopping since OCTOBER, for crying out loud. except for you, mom... i know you are panicking about how christmas just "snuck up on you"... again.


trailmomma said...

Um, yeah that would be US this year . . . when you are married to MY husband who procrastinates and then finally decides "yes, we need to get her that" but low and behold no one has one anymore, you are basically driving around aimlessly looking for the store that DOES have it.

Sigh. :-)

Jon said...

It didn't say 24-hours at the same time. If it is 24 hours during the four days it is only 6 hours a day...thats not so bad.