In my rear view mirror…

I had the windows rolled down, enjoying the crisp autumn air that I so love about this time of year. A peel of giggles escaped from the backseat, prompting me to reposition the rear view mirror. In my view, I saw a little face beaming with pure enjoyment.

The wind was blowing his blond hair back from his face, reminding me that he is still just a baby, although he often acts like a little boy. He turned his face left, then right, experiencing every angle of this new sensation. When the car picked up speed, and the wind came stronger and faster at his chubby cheeks, he gasped with surprise – as if he forgot how to breathe with the surge of air pressing against him.

I saw a foot come up into view, and a shoe fly onto the floor… then a sock stretching and stretching, not quickly giving in to the hands that tugged it, but finally meeting its fate on the floorboard. One lesson the little dude has learned so far in his short life is the great outdoors are best enjoyed with bare feet.


trailmomma said...

Awe! Super cute! My little one hates the windows being down. Price to pay when you have super long wispy blonde hair I suppose! :-)

Glad Lil Dude loves autumn as much as we do!

Jon said...

Good to see your comentary again. I like weather you can "feel." My personal view is the only thing better than a cool autum day is a cold rainy one.