enjoying the moments

Every night, I sneak into Little Dude's room after he has fallen asleep. To admire my creation. To watch his little being fill with air. To stroke his soft cheek. To check if he is hot or cold. To discover what position he has curled into. To see how far he has burrowed into the corner of the crib.

He looks so peaceful. Quiet. Resting. Re-energizing for the tomorrows filled with growing and learning. Am I that peaceful when I sleep? Or is my mind filled with things that clutter it even when I am resting?

Some nights, he is so irresistible that I am compelled to take him out of his crib, and hold him close. My arms reach out for him before I can stop them. I draw him into my chest, and his warmth covers me like a blanket. I stand in his room, rocking back and forth in the shadows cast by the hall light. I have even been known to take him into my room, sit in our chair, and fall asleep with him in my arms. Usually I can return him to his crib before Scout catches me. But sometimes he finds us there, and I just give him a dreamy smile and say, "I couldn't help it."

Everyone always says to enjoy these moments, that he will grow up too fast. Just so you know, I do. I am enjoying these moments. And when the day comes when I can't hold him as he sleeps, I will enjoy the memories.


GINNY said...

Nikki, you made me cry. Yes, they grow up WAY too fast! And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the memories fade with time. I remember when Suzi was born and by then I realized I had alreasdy lost some of the newborne memories of Jill and Marla. So I was determined to just stare and stare at Suzi as much as I could. I knew she would be our last baby and I wanted to keep those sweet memories as long as possible! So keep sneaking him out of the crib and just hold him & watch him all you can. One good thing is in this age of digital cameras you get a lot more pictures than "back in the days".....

Anonymous said...

I am so glad, and not surprised, you recognize these beautiful moments. No need to fret about their passing so quickly, though; Little Dude will provide you with countless other special moments: as a kindergartner, little leaguer, team captain, college grad, and more, even after he is in his "early thirties."


Lucas said...

Henry peed in my mouth yesterday. Any advice on what to do about that memory?