can you hear it?

They have been silent until now, hidden away in a dark place. But today, they are calling out to me. Demons from my past? Orphaned starving children from a third world nation? Hardly. It’s those damn girl scout cookies sitting in my work drawer.

I have avoided them for WEEKS! Part of the beauty of my plan was that I would leave them in my drawer at work, and since I have been traveling lately, I didn’t have access to them. Of course, I could have driven to my office to rescue them, but that would have been CRAZY. It even seemed crazy when it crossed my mind this weekend, but fortunately (in this case), I am lazy and the prospect of driving to work seemed like… well, too much work. But now – they are RIGHT there… if I roll my chair to the right, I can reach them. And there are starving children in this world – it would be a waste to let these cookies go stale. I suppose I could send the cookies to them, but think of all the gas and packaging materials that would have to go into the shipment – and I would have a tough time contributing to global warming even if it was for the cause of reducing world hunger. Competing priorities.

I should go. I have to rescue those poor helpless Samoas (I am protesting their new lame-o name – I anticipate they will bring it back next year due to the revolution) from my drawer. Give them a better home – um, my stomach? Or I guess it would probably be more like my hips or my rump shaker. A technicality.


Suzanne said...

Samoas-Mmmm... I can taste the chocolate and coconut right now.

What is the new lame name? I have managed to avoid all the little people in green so far this year. (Or their parents who are hawking the cookies for them....)

nro said...

The new names are "Caramel deLites". Supposedly they are the "lite" version of the Samoas. Which is crap - if I am eating a girl scout cookie (or 2 or 10), why do I need to save the extra 15 calories (or any multiple of 15)? Puh-lease! Bring back the full fat Samoas! I think I am going to join the protesters in San Fran tomorrow - you'll see me next to the "Free Tibet" signholders pleading for the Samoas. Which just might make people wonder, "is she talking about the country or the cookie?"

javajill said...

I HAD to eat an entire box of Thin Mints by myself. Doug's secret pal at work gave him a box. And he doesn't believe that chocolate and mint belong together. I don't know what's wrong with him! So, I was the lucky beneficiary of the Thin Mints. I do think I managed to spread out the eating over an entire week. But still!