paint panic

I know you have all been on the edge of your swivel chairs, wondering what I did with my free day on this long weekend. Option 4 was the big winner of this contest. Not the most glamorous, but I like to think that I also accomplished a portion of option 1, since I had to buy all the paint.

Don't think I painted my ENTIRE living room - just half of it. I wanted to see if I really really REALLY liked it before painting the whole room. Phase 3 of deciding if I like the color has commenced. From the posterboard test to the square on the wall to an entire wall. Doesn't everyone do that? No? Just me? No wonder Scout looks at me like I have three heads...

So, I am having paint panic. Do I like it? Yes. Do I love it? Not yet. Will I love it? Not sure. I suppose I should finish painting the rest of the room (phase 4 of this obviously life altering decision).

In case you are wondering what it is supposed to look like: this is where I got the idea. On my walls, however, I feel like it looks more pastel-y than in the picture. Although Easter is coming up, that was not the look I was going for. (Yes, I recognize that ending a sentence in a preposition is a first class grammar offense, but I have been inhaling many fumes lately, so that is my excuse.)

More to come on the ongoing paint saga...


Jon said...

Some options for the name of the color:
1. Seasick green.
2. Safari green...It would look good with palm trees.
3. Faded Boy Scout shirt green.

Seriously--I think it is a nice restful color, that should be easy to decorate around.

- J.L.O. said...

That is the same color as our office. It has been a nice color, but I will tell you that it doesn't change colors at all. It pretty much stays that color green all the time. As for our living room, which is more of the avocado green, it goes from tan to green to yellow looking. Myself, I like the darker avocado color. As you said, it doesn't seem as pastel. Now, I'm sure that helped your decision making so much. :)

Alisa Hamilton said...

Several rooms in our old house were that color green. Although I didn't pick the color myself (Luke painted them without my knowledge while I was away), I really did like it. Plus, it was easy to decorate around, not that I ever decorate anything. Good luck!